About Us

Owing to the lack of unique furniture hire currently available for our own wedding we set out to achieve the unthinkable - we'll make it ourselves we thought... we didn't want the classic pop up plastic table covered by what appears to be a sheet and the hideous selection of chairs that match even if they tied a bow around it to fit the occasion..

So we collected some pallets and we made a table... turns out it wasn't half bad!
I have a very unique taste and once we got going there was no stopping. The tables were coming along nicely so I sought out some chairs to match, most of which are upcycled pre-loved pieces  that have been destressed and recovered - every single one of them has been hand painted, sanded, sealed and refurbished, every one of them different to the next.

Then my love of arts, crafts and Pintrest addiction came in and I began making the table centre pieces and decorations.
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"Being unique is better than being perfect."

the journey...